Lead generation describes the process of attracting prospects, as well as the measures that lead to potential customers showing interest in a product or service. By generating leads, interested parties are evaluated and collected for further campaigns

Lead Management

A lead is a contact with a potential customer and ultimately a data record (person, address, etc.) as the basis for further dialogue.

Lead generation

Generation of contacts on the basis of interested parties or also called target group. Good communication of tailored content - as the linchpin of the lead management process.

Lead qualification

Lead qualification means the classification of a contact. Did someone just want to look around or is there a specific need? Who is the right contact in the B-to-B case? And is there already a budget for implementing a solution?

Lead conversion

The lead conversion rate shows us the relationship between the number of visitors to our website and the number of those who took a certain action. We often come across the term in eCommerce. But the conversion rate, or German conversion rate, can also be an important factor for B2B websites without an online shop, namely if you want to fully exploit the potential of your website and want to actively integrate your website into the marketing and sales process.

What is the “digital behavior” like? Which interactions need to be made? Which number of points deserves which activity? What degree of maturity does the lead have? Are there multiple models? Does one concept fit everyone?
Within the lead management process there are different phases and conversion goals – different interaction goals, for example, or the conversion of marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) into leads accepted by sales (SALs) – in the end, of course, the lead should buy and thus to the customer become.

With our core competencies in the areas of search engine optimization and Google Ads
, we cover the complex area of ​​online marketing. The areas of web analysis, affiliate and social media marketing as well as programming & web design are also looked after by us with the necessary expertise and round off our portfolio.


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